Grate Coatings

The New Standard for Automotive Booth Grate Cleaning

Benefits Lower water-blasting pressure - 8000 PSI Safer operating levels for the operator (noise-pressure) Less splatter Lower pressure - less maintenance cost, lower parts replacement
cost on water-blasting equipment
Equipment Lower capital cost for water-blasting equipment Time and Energy 25%-45% savings in cleaning times Cleaner grates, better airflow and booth balance during the week Better airflow in the booth, better paint transfer efficiencies

Without Teflon Coating

Before Cleaning
After Cleaning

With Teflon Coating

Before Cleaning
After Cleaning

Quick-Cleaning Magnetic Screen

Our unique DuPont® Teflon coating and stainless steel
construction facilitates incredibly easy & effective cleaning

Removable high strength neodymium magnet assembly are disengaged from Teflon-coated stainless steel tubes, allowing metal and other contaminates to easily release for time-saving, effective cleaning.

Magnetic Assembly Removes mil-scale from pre treat tanks
Tacky material build up & Mil-scale removes easily from the Teflon coated screens.

We can engineer your Quick-Cleaning Magnet Screen to any dimension or application you require.

Product Features: High Strength Neodymium Magnets Chemical Resistant Multi-Pole Construction DuPont® Teflon Coated Ease of Use Interchangeable Fully Customized
(Length, Number of Rods, Mounting)